Thursday, 15 September 2011

Here, There & Everywhere

When I stopped writing this blog several months ago, I never imagined it would take this long to climb back into the saddle. But here I am . . .

So where have I been? Well, as I announced back in the spring, I have a new book out in the UK in two weeks' time, entitled The Man Who Sold The World: David Bowie & The 1970s. Because, for reasons I've never quite got a handle on, it takes much longer to publish a book in America than in Britain, the Bowie book won't be available in the USA until next summer. But to judge from US Amazon, it seems that you can get it on Kindle from the end of this month.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting alongside a healthy pile of US paperback editions of You Can Never Give Me Your Money, which is due to reach the stores (via HarperCollins' !t Books imprint, and no, I don't know how to pronounce that) in the first week of October. The cover declares the book to be "A Los Angeles Times Best Book Of The Year" for 2010, and I'm as proud of that as I am of anything I've ever done in my life.

The new paperback has a list price of $15.99, but I see that you can order it from Amazon for substantially less by following the link here.

So there are now four different editions of You Never Give Me Your Money out in the world, each with a marginally different text. This latest edition differs from last year's US hardback only to the extent that it has been updated to cover the release of the Beatles' music on iTunes. But please don't let that dissuade you from buying another couple of dozen copies for friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Meanwhile, again: I have a new website, which you can access here. It's still in the process of being constructed, but that's where you'll find more information about my Bowie book, including an interview about how the project came about; and pages devoted to my past work. In time, it will contain an archive of some of my favourite pieces I've written for magazines over the past 30 years, plus new material, and a couple of other blogs. But rest assured that anything Beatles-related will also be flagged up here.

And now, back to the fun part: blogging.


  1. Glad to see you back! I've been checking every now and then to see if you updated this blog. So I'm glad to see that you have. I enjoy reading it.

  2. I'm also glad to see you back! I checked many times and was beginning to think you'd departed - haven't read the new posts yet, but I see there are three. Goodie!