Wednesday, 2 June 2010

US edition published next week

On Monday June 8, HarperCollins publish the American hardback edition of You Never Give Me Your Money. It retails for $24.95, but as ever you can save money by buying it from Amazon: - and there's a Kindle edition as well.

What's different from the UK edition published last September?

1) The rather attractive cover, which incorporates a clever parody of a familiar record label design.

2) The subtitle of the book. In Britain, it was The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles, while the Americans have opted for the simpler The Beatles After The Breakup.

3) The text - well, a little of the text, in any case, as a couple of minor errors have been corrected, and I've also updated the final chapter to incorporate the CD reissue campaign that briefly enlivened our lives and emptied our pockets last autumn (or fall, depending how you feel).

UK readers should rest assured that exactly the same additions will be available in the paperback edition that should be in the shops in October.

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