Sunday, 2 October 2011

Come Together?

Somebody e-mailed me this week to ask about my new book on the Beatles: Come Together. "I haven't written a book called Come Together", I replied. "Yes, you have," they mailed me back, "and you can order it on Amazon".

So I checked - and they were right. It was time for Google to kick into action, and it was with the help of the world-spanning search engine that I discovered that I had indeed written a book called Come Together - or, to be 100% accurate, Come Together...

It turns out that Come Together... is the title of the French translation of You Never Give Me Your Money, published by Sonatine in Paris on October 20. (You'll see that the book is subtitled Les Beatles (1970-2010), which is sort of what You Never Give Me Your Money is about, but not exactly.) At first, when I just saw Come Together as the title, I was mystified. Isn't the whole book about the fact that the Beatles couldn't come together? But then I saw those extra dots at the end of the title, and realised that the title meant Come Together - Or Maybe Not.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading it. The translator seems to be extremely experienced, and I love the French cover design, too. (It brought back memories for me of the Apple logo on George Harrison's Extra Texture album.) So I'll proudly admit to being the author of Come Together... but only if those three dots are there.


  1. Hi Peter,
    I am just getting stuck into "You Never Give Me Your Money", and a very interesting read it is. I noticed that the cover photo is from the Sean O'Mahony Collection. Is this collection available to view? If not, do you know of Sean's whereabouts and if he can be contacted? I'm trying to get hold of a picture of a particular Lennon guitar and any help would be appreciated,
    Tony P.

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  3. Yes...this cover design is succinct, it being a combination of Apple Corps and Apple Computer's trademarks. At a glance, those interested in 'Beatles Business' can get the jist. It might have been TOO artfully succinct for the UK/US market but for the altogether better-read French market, it's perfect.

    (Oooo...a bit controversial there for this time of the afternoon ;)