Thursday, 14 October 2010


For those with a few spare minutes in their busy lives, here's the link to a lengthy interview I did recently with the online arts magazine Oomska . . .

Among the subjects discussed: should Paul McCartney have appeared on X Factor? Did John Lennon really fall out with Allen Klein? And are we all doomed? Answers on the proverbial postcard . . .


  1. Great book and great interview. Aand, great blog as well. I hadn't read much about the Beatles during the '70s until this year, when both you and Robert Rodriguez (Fab Four 2.0) published books on the subject. Yours is more complete and better documented.

    So, hope your book is selling well.


    - Gustavo

  2. Hello Peter,

    I just found your blog via the article you mention here (which was an awesome read), and I've already bookmarked it. I just want to tell you that not only am I already eager to read through your archive here, but that your book was FANTASTIC. By far the most even-handed, real book on "the boys" I've ever read (which is amazing considering the era and subject you covered). Thank you so much for all the tireless research it's clear you did, for telling the story that's truly been such a missing chapter, and for neither damning nor martyring anyone in the group. It's so rare to see that when it comes to the Beatles that I was afraid it couldn't be done. Take care!